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1. The person giving the equipment for repair voluntarily accepts the terms of the service contract. It is also a contract under which the repair service is provided. The contract regulates the rights and obligations in this respect.

2. The condition for picking up the equipment is to provide the original of the Repair Request Card.

3. The equipment diagnosis is payable. The fee is charged if the repair request is withdrawn.

4. The customer is informed about the costs of the repair by telephone or e-mail. In the event of disagreement for further repair, the equipment is returned and / or sent back to the customer, who IS OBLIGED only to cover the costs of diagnosis and transport.

5. The repair time is conditioned by the availability of appropriate spare parts. The expected repair time may change. The customer is informed about the possibility of receiving the repaired equipment by phone or email IMMEDIATELY after removing the defect.

6. After 14 days from the date of notifying the customer after removing the defect in the event of failure to pick up the equipment, a fee will be charged for each day of storage. This fee is charged for a maximum of 3 months.

7. Failure to collect the equipment by the Customer for a period of 3 months from the date of notification of the removal of the defect means that the Customer voluntarily discarded the ownership of the equipment as a movable item by abandoning it within the meaning of art. 180 of the Civil Code. Ownership of abandoned equipment (no one’s movable property), based on art. 181 acquires the Civil Code by taking possession of the autonomous BABYACTIVE. Sending a notification of the completion of the repair to the postal address or electronic address provided by the Customer at the moment of putting the equipment to service is considered effective delivery of the notification.

8. A warranty period is granted for repairs and parts assembled at BABYACTIVE.

9. Defects / defects revealed during the warranty period will be removed within 14 business days in the event of the need to import part of the time, it may be extended to 21 business days. In the event of an unjustified warranty claim (damage caused by the user) hidden during the return of equipment to the service, the equipment owner / user will be charged an additional amount for the diagnosis on the site, unless repairing the damage will be made for a fee.

10. The Website is not responsible for the Client’s personal belongings left in the trolley.